Ice Block has had the honor of having our work featured in film festivals, on TV, and in print not only in Japan but all over the world.


The Last Library - Feature Film
Writer/Director: J.J. Koester
Cinematographer: William Greenawalt
Composer: Esther Thirimu
Story Consultant: Matthew Roberts
Produced by: Ice Block, J.J. Koester, & Esther Thirimu
Starring: Jasmin Jandreau as Calico
Starring: Dante Carver as Carver
Starring: Acadia Colan as Fire
Starring: Chris D'Eletto as Stone
Starring: Saranna Rotgard as Auburn


Best Cinematography - CARE Awards
Best Young Actress - CARE Awards
Best Original Score - CARE Awards
Best Actor Feature Film- Idyllwild IFC 2018
Best Actress Feature Film - Idyllwild IFC 2018
Best Feature Film - Idyllwild IFC 2018
Best Cinematography Feature Film - Idyllwild IFC 2018
Best Screenplay Feature Film- Idyllwild IFC 2018
Best Editing Feature Film - Idyllwild IFC 2018
Best Ensemble Cast Feature Film - Idyllwild IFC 2018
Excellence in Directing - Idyllwild IFC 2018
Excellence in Producing- Idyllwild IFC 2018
[Official Selection]
Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2018
North by Midwest Micro-budget Film Festival 2018
CARE Awards 2017
Indie Fest USA International Film Festival 2017
Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2017
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2017
Five Continents International Film Festival 2017
Frostbite International Indie Fest 2017
Lake View International Film Festival 2017
Near Nazareth Festival 2017

"Keepsake" - Short Film
Directed by: David Chester
Written by: David Chester, J.J. Koester & William Greenawalt
Produced by: Ice Block
Director of Photography: William Greenawalt
Editor: J.J. Koester
Music: William Greenawalt

Kotobukiya Lightsaber Chopsticks Commercial
Directed by: Ice Block
Produced by: Kotobukiya
Starring: Danté Carver and Ryuichi Isozaki
Editor: J.J. Koester
Director of Photography: William Greenawalt

[Television Broadcast]
Aired on the Cinema Channel during the "May the 4th Be With You!" Star Wars campaign (March 2014)

"Tokyo Dirt" - Short Film
Directed by: William Greenawalt
Produced by: Speedtractor & Matthew Roberts
Editor: J.J. Koester
Director of Photography: William Greenawalt

[Official Selection]
The New York Motorcycle Film Festival (2014)
The Lisbon Motorcycle Film Festival 2017
The Tokyo Moto Film Festival 2017

"The Lesson" - Short Film
Written & Directed by: David Chester
Produced by: Ice Block
Editor: J.J.Koester
Script Supervisor: William Greenawalt

[Platinum Winner]
International Movie Awards (March 2015, Jakarta)
[Grand Prix Winner]
Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (2013)
[Jury Award/Best Short Film]
Torino GLBT Festival (2012)
[Official Selection]
Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (Sept. 2014, Taipei)
Melbourne Queer Film Festival  (March 2014)
Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (May 2012)
Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (Nov. 2011)
Iris Prize Film Festival (Oct. 2011, shortlisted, Cardiff, Wales)
Action on Film International Film Festival (July 2011, Los Angeles)
Boston LGBT Film Festival (May 2011)

Electronic Gaming Monthly Interview with Hideo Kojima - Photography
Photographer: William Greenawalt
Writer/Interview: Eric L. Patterson (EGM)

[Print Publication]
Featured in the #258 November 2013 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) magazine and their website.