Before beginning any production, we want to make sure that the client understands the production process. By carefully breaking down each production into manageable stages, we can ensure that your film will be produced efficiently and to your technical and artistic specifications. There are 5 main stages to production; Development, Pre-Production, Physical Production, Post-Production, and Delivery.


Development - ディベロップメント/開発

This is where it all begins. In Development, we hold meetings with the client to carefully define what the end product is going to be. Through careful planning in development we can make a focused plan that will allow the rest of the production to flow smoothly.


Pre-Production - プレ・プロダクション/事前製作

When development is finished, we move into Pre-Production. This is the stage in which we sketch out the visual style & artistic approach as well as the technical needs of the production. Creatively, Pre-Production can include story-boarding, color-palette creation, and early discussions of musical styles and selections to be used in the final film. Technically, this stage might include reserving rental equipment, casting actors and extras, and booking shooting space.


Production - プロダクション/製作

Production is where the magic happens, where the ideas come off the page and take physical form in front of the camera. In this stage, we apply preparations done in Development & Pre-Production and create something tangible. The core of Production is principle photography, or the shooting of the visual elements that will later be edited into the completed film.


Post Production - ポスト・プロダクション/事後製作

Post Production is an umbrella term that includes picture editing, sound-design, color correction and a host of other finishing processes that will ensure your films looks and sounds amazing. We offer an open invitation for clients to sit in on their post sessions to ensure that the end product is exactly what they have in their imaginations.


Delivery - デリバリー/配信

Delivery is the stage of production in which the film finally reaches the audience. We are prepared to deliver your content in a variety of formats, including DVD, iPhone & iPad, and hi-definition digital outputs. We are also capable of preparing a wide range of custom compressions for all kinds of web distribution, including YouTube and Vimeo as well as distribution on your own homepage in Flash or Quicktime formats.


Inquiry and Pricing - お問合せと料金

Because of the complicated nature of film production, we need to know the general scope of your production needs to give you an estimate. In order to facilitate an estimate, we have prepared a simple questionnaire. By answering a few questions, we can start to prepare a quote and production schedule that is most appropriate for your production.