Good Video Good, Bad Video Bad

A common question is what makes a good video good and a bad video bad. In this series, we'll compare two videos and try to understand why one works and one doesn't.

GOOD - Dollar Shave Club Promo

They sell razors for cheep. That's about it.

So, why does it work?

  • Humour - the comedy is simple and clean. Jokes come and go quickly and are complete on their own.
  • Clear message - The blades are cheap and that's good.
  • Emotional - While the host is too dead-pan to feel like he's being honest, Alejandra is clearly having a lot of fun making the video. This pulls the audience into the world
  • Direct & Honest - The host of the video speaks right to the audience bringing you into the world

BAD - IRS Star Trek Parody

In 2010, the IRS used tax dollars to produce a video to be used at their training and leadership conference. Understandably, American citizens were angry at how their dollars were being spent.

Obviously, it's a terrible video and an embarrassing misappropriation of tax dollars. But, what about it is so positively rotten?

  • Unfunny people trying to be funny - nothing is more painful to watch than someone fail at humour. You can't fake "funny" so don't try.
  • Pop-culture jokes - you might not get half the 'jokes' in this video. That's because they're references to pop culture. If you don't know Star Trek, you won't understand the 'humour'.
  • Pointless - it's impossible to understand what we're supposed to be taking home from this video. What is the point?
  • Weird audio - The sound recording is sometimes good, sometimes OK and sometimes bad. Inconsistent is worth than mediocre.